Tuesday, September 05, 2006

If Idiots Could Fly, ESPN Would Be An Airport

So much for the "expert commentary" on ESPN Gameday. Failed coach Lee Corso picked Cal to win the mythical national championship; ex-jock Kirk Herbstreet picked Miami.

Cal and Miami's combined record after week one: 0-2.

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jinnmabe said...

Maybe I'm the only one who reads this new site who cares as much about college football as you do, but that's fine by me.

Lee Corso is a waste of skin. Kirk Herbstreit can use more words to say less than anyone else with a current national television gig. Miami gets their a@@ handed to them by LSU in the Peach (?) Bowl, returns basically the same team, and they'll win the national title? Cough. BIG cough.

The best teams I've seen so far are Ohio State (although they actually looked pretty soft against the run tonight. They performed in a way that makes people use the "bend but not break" cliche, but they only didn't break because Texas seemed to go away from the runs that we working.), Auburn (although they'll have to play somebody good before I get to far down that road. Brad Lester looked pretty good today though, when Irons was a little off), and USC. Of course, it's so early, who really can tell.

But Cal? I mean, come on, CAL?